numéralogique 2 - Between light and soundwaves
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When / Quand ?

Le double LP de Numéralogique est sorti chez DDD en juillet 2014.

Juno records à propos de DDD & Numéralogique

"France's DDD is a particularly promising independent label with a diverse output, and we never know what to expect from them. OB Ignitt's remix of a track by the same Luc Marianni featuring on this latest collaboration is a perfect example of the label's artistic flair. The legendary Marianni - who has already appeared courtesy of DDD for a reissue of his seminal Souvenirs Du Futur LP - teams up with the considerably younger Jacques Jeangerard for a tripping, plasmic assemblage of drones and generally tripped-out electronics. Four long and shape-shifting cuts, containing many snippets of field recordings delicately fused to wavy synthesizer shapes and subtle beats. Our favourite is "Il Va Pleuvoir", a piece which emanates out of the speakers in 3D fashion. Outstanding stuff from this little label, as per usual. Expect the unexpected."



L'édition téléchargeable et le double CD de Numéralogique sont parus en décembre 2013
Pour plus d'informations : Editions Matico.




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